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Health myths debunked

Friday, September 16th, 2011

We all are aware of the quote “Half- knowledge is dangerous”.  When knowledge passes through the grapevine or from the grandmother’s story, the original is surely lost in the transition.

Here are a few common health myths that we would like to debunk:

1.Myth: The reason for one being overweight is slow metabolism rate.

Fact: Being obese or overweight has nothing to do with metabolism rates as it may differ from person to person. However in certain cases it has been observed that people who are obese have high metabolism rate.

2.Myth: Bananas can make one gain fat.

Fact: Most of the fruits including banana are low on fat. They are filled with Rich Nutrients that are essential to one’s body.

3.Myth: One falls ill easily when in the cold.

Fact: There is no relation between cold temperatures and illness. Researchers have indicated that one in normal temperature and in the cold are equally prone to illness. However one can suffer from the infection that can be caused due to staying indoors.

4.Myth: It is compulsory to Drink Eight to Nine Glasses of water daily.