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BEWARE….Biking can make you unmanly

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

While men are profoundly known to be found of biking, this new study deals why this fondness of theirs can have an adverse effect on their virility making them the victims of erectile dysfunction. Though this research has not developed and still has scope for learning, the results seem to be somehow apparent. It has been observed that men who have been riding bike for long hours continuously are on a higher risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

According to this study, the seat of the bike surely plays a significant role in the pressure it grants to the male organ. This was concluded after the effects noticed by using differently designed seats for six different men. While some seats exerted less, some left them more strenuous.  This study by Dr. Craig Niederberger who is a prominent professor and the head of Urology Department at the University of Illinois measures the pressure that these seats have on the organ with the help of ultraviolet rays. The level of blood flow to the male sexual organ and the blood flowing from the arteries were considered to be measured.

Also the one rides the bike for long hours have greater exposure to pollution. This can be dangerous for one’s lungs and can make one prone to severe health problems.

However, the brains behind the researches have reported that there is a need for the bikers to opt for a fine seat in their bike.

Boost Up Blood Flow By Jelqing Exercises

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

In case of you being the one of the thousands who is looking out for techniques for better sexual performance, it is highly prescribed that you read further. Men with inferior bed life are devastated with the experiences to the limits and this tension is sure to affect the routine lifestyle. The sexual discomfort in you which disallows proper erections for sexual intercourse is due to the shortage of blood in the penis. People living the current high end lifestyle are addictive to various ill habits like smoking and overconsumption for alcohol. In case you practice these it is strictly recommended that you stop as soon as possible.

In the content of curing the (ED) erectile dysfunction problem, you can try out the Jelqing exercises that are famously known for beating the ill effects of impotence in men. Moreover, the technique is much of a buzz as it has the ability of treating impotence alone without any medical assistance. Thus, it is also termed as a secure mode of treating the health ailment in majority of the cases where the victims are old aged. This technique is a workout which is similar to any other body exercises. It is just that it is for the males especially for those who face constant problems during erections. The activity can be easily performed alone by using the hands and there is a requirement of lubricating solutions during the workouts. The workout activity which takes up about 20 minutes to half an hour requires constant milking of the penis that enables the enlargement and thickening of the penis.

The technique is a help in enlarging the cells of the penile area and it results in the breaking of the blood vessels and makes up for a stronger and heavier erections. Thus, you may practice the Jelqing workout techniques for experiencing amazing erections that ignite your sex life and bring back the good old days on bed.

Vitamins to Boost Your Body

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Have you ever wondered as to why do you seem so perennially tired, day in day out? Today, lots of people are facing the problem of fatigue. Over a period of time, their body seems to wear them out. There could be several reasons to support this health theory.

The era of modernization has dawned in and we are surrounded by work pressure, deadlines and other kind of life problems. More than that, various lifestyle disorders seem to be haunting us to a great deal. It is to be understood that our ways of living are quite different from the previous generations. People have become forwarded minded, but sadly their health is getting suffered due to bad eating habits and lethargic way of living. Do you know that lots of people feel worn out because their body is lacking in various vital Vitamins. Its important that you boost your body with various vitamins because it is needed to give you that extra strength which will help in proper functioning.

Vitamins are necessary to boost your immune system and regulate your metabolism rate. You can get rid of various ailments and prevent yourself from disorders with the regular of vitamins. Vitamins like C, D, A, K and B are essential for our body. Lots of people take multi vitamin tablets in order to keep them going. Some take Vitamin B12 tablets for increased functionality. But taking these capsules is not the key for a healthy life. No doubt those tablets are very much helpful, but you should add up these vitamins through your diet on a regular basis. Good food makes up for all the deficiency in your body.

Now, that’s the key for a healthy and long life. Eat lot of fruits and leafy vegetables which are mainly high on various vitamins. This will give you a good boost.

Oatmeal, Best Friend of Your Heart!

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Oatmeal is a very potential whole grain doing wonders for your heart. In today’s generation, it has become extremely essential to take complete heart care and lead a healthy living. After a certain age, it becomes mandatory for a person to take optimum care of heart, by improving overall wellness and to lead a healthy life forever. This is a very positive approach towards healthy living, as it remarkably works on reducing the risk for developing heart related troubles and disorders.

Necessary diet changes should be carried out, in order to make a balanced life that makes you health conscious and proves of super benefits. Oatmeal is the best food that works on reducing the LDL cholesterol levels and controlling the levels of triglycerides in the blood, that are responsible for uncertain heart attacks and stroke. Maintaining a healthy well being would prove super efficient. These are the healthiest foods that can be tried on. These are the potential whole grains, with the qualitative ability that reduces the cholesterol from the blood and help in attaining a complete well being with making you healthy.

Heart is the main organ of a human anatomy; it is important to take optimum care, in order to make it perform the best with keeping you active and rejuvenated all the time. With a healthy heart, you will be the one with complete fitness. There are many such cases, where due to excessive medication and other health related troubles, several sexual complications may turn up. Using these effective techniques would work the best in eradicating the chances of erotic disasters and lend you with a healthy life that is full of pleasure and passion.

Along with oatmeal in the diet, it is also important for a person to attain proper physical exercises and workouts that would help in promoting further benefits. These physical exertions would keep you flexible and active and also help in relieving stress and warding off the chances for developing health related difficulties.

Don’t wait for a Heart Scare: Wake up Now

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

It is to be understood that we are leading quite an idyllic life, thanks to dizzying technology around us and the rapid modernization that continues to make our lives easier. On the surface at least, everything seems to be normal, but dig deep inside and you would know that something is amiss.

Life has become quite strange and ironic these days. We are living a life that is filled with all possible luxuries at our disposal, but yet we seem to be afflicted by various problems that seem to bother us a lot. Contrary to what people might think, they are not as strong and this is where they falter big time.

We continue to abuse our body and care a damn about our health. Hectic lives and work pressure and endless money flow make us believe that we are immune to everything in this world. But your heart says otherwise. Do you know that Heart attacks still continue to be the leading causes of deaths in men and women? Yes, that’s true and in countries like UK, US and India, this percentage is higher than other places.

We really don’t take proper care of your heart and this where we falter big time because life is pumping into you because of your heart and if you cant keep it healthy, then god save you from the perils of heart failure and its related problems. Move away from a stressful life and learn to be at peace with yourself.

And plus, eat the right food and don’t clog your heart with heaps of fat that will eventually lead to its failure. Try strengthening your heart by exercising regularly and by going on a diet which contains fresh food. Maintaining your heart well enough can lead to a Heart-y life indeed. So go for it now.