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Quit Smoking before Life Quits You

Friday, May 27th, 2011

By now we have heard the cliché which has been done to death for over a zillion times. The notion of smoking being really really “injurious to health” has its share of supporters and naysayers. If you go by the Makers, they would obviously say that even though it maybe harmful, is up to the people to decide and they are the master of their own life. Smoking can kill you and yes, scores of men and women have fallen prey to the smoke that burns within.

Lot of people make new year resolutions about quitting smoking and more often than not, end up UN-kicking the butt and get and get back to their deadly habit within a month of two. Relapse happens most of the time and this is where we falter. The urge is smoke again is so over-powering that our will power shakes miserably. So what can we do about it?

If you love you life and care for your near and dear ones, then its high time you quit smoking. If you are scared about the rising number of lung cancer cases, then that means the time has come for you to quit the habit. Smoking can affect your life in a big way. It can make you sick and deplete your immune system and make you vulnerable to various diseases.

The addiction can plunge you into anxiety and further on, depression can also set in. Health gets smothered badly due to smoking and experts also say that a man can become Impotent from excessive smoking over the years. So instead of support faulty and non-existent causes, support the Quit Smoking Campaign because it concerns you and your habit which is consuming you by the way.