Cheer up your sex life

When anguish and stress creeps in the bedroom, the blues dominate your desire. Unless and until both the partners feel comfortable with each other, there is a lack of intimacy.  If any of the partners feels guilty or nervous, the love making process has lost its charm.
 Many a times when the male is unable to attain an erection, he claims it to be erectile dysfunction. It is not always ED. Lack of arousal can also be the reason. One begins to panic immediately when the erection fails.  Almost 60 % of men are unable to make it at some point of their life. This doesn’t mean they are all sufferers of impotence. When the problem persists for more than 25% of the time one makes an attempt, there is a need to diagnose the problem.
There is also a need to understand the problem. One who suffers from erectile dysfunction considered to be less manly. There is no need for feeling ashamed or guilty about it. Also one must not hide the fact from one’s partner in case of such a problem. It is not a grave problem to worry about. These days there are varied effectual anti-impotence medications available that can mend the problem. This includes oral drugs like Generic Viagra that can grant you absolute bliss within 45 minutes of time.  Anyone can buy Generic Viagra online without much effort.
Also the compassion between the partners must be fostering all the time. One must be patient if the partner is not ready.  It is the duty of both the partners to understand each other’s problem.

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