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Supplementary pills on a rise for Americans

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Supplementary pills including the ones filled with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, calcium etc have been consumed on an increasing level in America. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported this information along with comparison of previous statistics. It has also mentioned the fact that more than 50% of Americans are consuming these medications to enhance their health.

Dr. Orly Avitzur does not seem to be pleased with this habit of consumers. He has been reported saying that all these drugs are not necessarily safe as they are not regulated by bodies like FDA (Food And Drug Administration). The supplement industry is enjoying an increasing consumer base with every passing year. In the year of 2006, it has increased to 53% from 42% in 1998.

Multivitamins top the list among the most used supplementary medications. Around 39% of adults seem to be intaking them.

Health experts say that is a misconception prevailing in the society that you can skip your meal and opt for the pill. The energy granted by meals cannot be provided by any other substitute.

 Researchers and other experts have been requesting the consumers to be conscious whem they consume the medications. It is necessary to have an intrinsic idea about the ingredients, safety and the adverse effects that the medication can cause.