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BEWARE….Biking can make you unmanly

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

While men are profoundly known to be found of biking, this new study deals why this fondness of theirs can have an adverse effect on their virility making them the victims of erectile dysfunction. Though this research has not developed and still has scope for learning, the results seem to be somehow apparent. It has been observed that men who have been riding bike for long hours continuously are on a higher risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

According to this study, the seat of the bike surely plays a significant role in the pressure it grants to the male organ. This was concluded after the effects noticed by using differently designed seats for six different men. While some seats exerted less, some left them more strenuous.  This study by Dr. Craig Niederberger who is a prominent professor and the head of Urology Department at the University of Illinois measures the pressure that these seats have on the organ with the help of ultraviolet rays. The level of blood flow to the male sexual organ and the blood flowing from the arteries were considered to be measured.

Also the one rides the bike for long hours have greater exposure to pollution. This can be dangerous for one’s lungs and can make one prone to severe health problems.

However, the brains behind the researches have reported that there is a need for the bikers to opt for a fine seat in their bike.