What is Lithobid?

Lithobid is the brand name of lithium carbonate. The drug is an extended formulation in the form of 300mg pill. The medicine is one of the powerful solutions for treating the complicated mental disorders. The problems of bipolar disorder are also curable with the use of Lithobid. The drug is excellent to cure the extreme depressive manic disorder, the drug is effective in declining the occurrences of manic depressive state that troubles the sufferer and unable he or she to even carry the routine activities.

About the Manic Depressive Disorder:

The manic depressive disorder is a stage where the person suffers from frequent mood swings and gets angry with a short time. This shows that the suffering involves the problem of short-temperedness. Due to this, the person remains tensed most of the time. This is not a good sign for the person as he or she may suffer from various other physical disorders too that might result due to the mental instability.

This mental problem also turns out to be a distress for the family of the person undergoing the discomfort. People under such state generally are unpredictable and can also lead to inhuman activities such as killing in the rage of anger. Hence, manic depression is a very sensitive mental disorder that might turn the person’s life into a nightmare if not treated right at its initial stage.

  • How does Lithobid?

    Lithobid acts fast to normalize the central nerve system on the affected person. However, it is not known exactly what the drug does and where does it work, but the drug is a perfect solution for discomforts like cluster headaches, Neutropenia which is a blood condition where there is a decreased number of a certain type of white blood cells, this disorder can be largely negative for the person and taking the drug may cause more complications in the condition. The drug is also useful to cure various mild mental depressions that might not be that serious.

  • Side Effects of Lithobid:

    Although the drug does not cause any serious side effects, it is helpful to consult a doctor before the consumption. It is essential to check if the person is allergic or under aged which might bring in some problems. Women who are pregnant or who breast feed the child have to get the advice of doctor prior to starting the course of the medicine. However, not more than one pill is suggested in a day.