What is Nexium?

Nexium is one medicine that is perfect for solving the tensions of heartburn problem. The drug come under the medicine group of proton pump inhibitors and is the most effective option in decreasing the acid quantity in the body. Nexium is the brand name for esomeprazole that is the parent ingredient of the drug.

How does Nexium help?

Research has shown that the heartburn problem is the result of heavy deposition of acidic content in the body, the drug is very effective in clearing out the heartburn ailment and further doctors also suggest that the medicine can be prescribed to prevent gastro and ulcer caused due to infections.

  • About Heartburn:

    Heartburn is an uncomfortable feeling felt especially after a heavy meal. It starts as a mild pain with irritation in the stomach region, however ignoring the sensation at its initial stage is sure to convert the pain into a massive difficulty. The pain starts from the stomach and leads in the upward direction. Medical studies on heartburn have come out with some of the useful details on how and why the pain occurs? The ailment is the result of the high quantity presence of acid in the body. Acid is generally harmful for the health if it is found to be more than the required amount.

    Around 50 to 60 % of the adults in the world experience the heartburn distress at least once in a month. The disorder of heartburn is also infamous as acidic indigestion and having the trouble once in a while is ignorable as the present eating habits are way far from perfect. However, the experience of this health discomfort can be serious as it may give rise to gastro esophageal reflux disease which is also known as GERD.

  • Side Effects of Nexium

    However, before taking Nexium it is important to know about some of its ill effects that might occur after the dosage. Consulting a doctor is a must as the person taking the drug is required to undergo strict medical tests for a trouble free treatment from heartburn. The person who is going to take the medicine should not suffer from any liver disorders and must have all the nutrients in the blood that too in the right proportion.

    There can be occurrences like sweating and mild heartache after consuming the medicine, at such times it is essential to get an immediate help from the medical expert.

So is Nexium safe?

  • Nexium is believed to be the safest drug for healing heartburn troubles. The person taking the medicine is just required to act as per the doctor’s prescriptions and take the Nexium as per the dosage suggested. This practice is sure to get rid of the long troubling heartburn disease.