What is Norvasc?

Norvasc is the brand for amlodipine; the drug helps in maintaining a healthy vascular system by enlarging the blood vessels in the body. This drug comes under the calcium channel blocker group of drugs that is infamous to strengthen the heart condition of the person and ignore the various ailments that are directly or indirectly related to the vascular system. The drug includes the range of effective components that helping curing disorders such as hypertension and high blood pressures.

  • Heart and Cholesterol troubles

    Habits like alcohol consumption and high rate of smoking can develop problems to the heart. These troubles may not be felt in their initial stages but once they are ignored the person is sure to experience a massive impact that may lead to lengthy treatments. Apart from the smoking and drinking habits which of course are negative for the health, untimely meals and inclusion of extremely fatty food stuffs and oily food intakes can boost the count of LDL that is low density lipoprotein that cause diseases like heart attacks and strokes.

  • How does Norvasc bring a change?

    Norvasc includes the capital ingredient amlodipine that works effectively in reducing the LDL or the bad cholesterols in the body, it decreases the amount of fat content in the body thus bringing a change in the blood flow rate and making it faster and better. The drug has mild components that hardly cause any side effects to a “normal human being”.

  • Side effects of Norvasc

    As mentioned above the medicine hardly affects negatively, however there are some precautions that have to taken before the consumption of the Norvasc. People suffering a liver disease and a congestive heart failure have to consult the doctor prior to the intake of the medicine. Apart from this, a person suffering from a particular heart valve ailment which is known as aortic stenosis are not suggested this drug as they may face some abnormal ill effects that might deteriorate their health condition.

  • Is Norvasc safe?

    Cases of ill effects using Norvasc are near to zero, thus one may use the drug but it must be after a thorough check up of the body and as per the dosage that is prescribed by medical expert. Consuming Norvasc in the right manner is sure to eliminate the excessive fat content and lower down the bad cholesterol levels.