What is Prevacid ?

Prevacid is the brand name for Lansoprazole and it comes under the drug group proton pump inhibitors. The drug is very effective in solving the distress of heartburn ailment that is common in many adults presently. The medicine includes the powerful formulation that helps in reducing the acid content in the stomach. It is well known that the increased surplus acid deposition in the stomach gives rise to the heartburn discomfort.

Signs of heartburn

Heartburn is a burning sensation that increases its intensity with time, the pain mixed with a mild burning trouble starts in the stomach. This discomfort is mainly due to the excessive accumulation of the acidic substance in the body. The distress is caused due to the heavy inclusion of certain food stuffs in the routine diet. Some of these food items are like fat or fried stuffs, chocolates, onion, highly acidic food items, alcohol and regular intake of coffee.

The problem of heartburn can also arise due to wrong time of eating that causes indigestion in the body, frequent indigestion can easily bring up the troubles of heartburn.

  • How does Prevacid work ?

    Prevacid is not an immediate rescue for the heartburn complications. The drug is a mixture of certain chemicals that helps in slow reduction of acids from the body. The medicine along with some other genuine antibiotics works positively in bringing down the amount of acids such as heavy quantities of fatty acids that reduce the blood flow in the body.

    Moreover, it is essential to know that regular consumption of Prevacid cannot help in anyway. In fact, this practice of consuming the drug on a routine basis and without a proper prescription can actually develop some major health complications.

  • What are the Side Effects of Prevacid ?

    Both heartburn and heart attack are often considered to be the same. Majority of people commit this mistake and consume the wrong drug that boosts the complications. It is strictly suggested that Prevacid must not be consumed without consulting a doctor. The person should ask for a doctor’s advice if he is not feel that well after taking the medicine, is experiencing brown colored vomiting, severe chest pain, pain during swallowing food, frequent stomach aches and abnormal weight loss.

  • Is Prevacid safe ?

    Prevacid is a secure drug for beating heartburn troubles provided taken properly. Experts suggest that the high dosage of the medicine is not advisable to people who are above the age of 50 and for minors that is kids below 18 years. However, Prevacid is taken as a reasonable relief for heartburn as it brings in positive changes within the course of its doses.