What is Valtrex ?

Valtrex is an anti-viral medication that is used for the treatment of cold sores and shingles. It is an oral medication that should be taken with the prescription of the doctor. Viral infections are very common in our day to day lives. There are several viruses that cause the infection in the human body. Among the various viruses, herpes is one.

    • How does Valtrex work?

      Herpes is one of the most dangerous viruses affecting the human body next only to influenza and cold viruses, so much so that once a person gets herpes virus, the infection stays with him for a life time. Valtrex treats the diseases caused by this particular virus. The medicine does not completely cure herpes but it helps in reducing the disease.

Valtrex works by exerting its effects on the viral enzyme called DNA polymerase that helps in the spread of the herpes virus. It completely blocks the flow of this enzyme in the body. The herpes virus cannot move from one cell to the other neither can it multiply in the body without this enzyme. Valtrex hence treats the preventing the spread of the herpes virus.

  • What are its side effects?

    The drug has various side effects irrespective of the fact whether Valtrex is taken or its generic version. The most common ones that are found in various cases include diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, headache, reduced kidney function, abdominal pain and disturbed liver functions. However, side effects are very less if the dosages are taken according to the dictates of the doctor. Following doctor’s instructions make side effects mild and over dose may lead to serious consequences. Valtrex is not considered to be harmful to the pregnant woman however; there might be chances that a pregnant woman passes on the germ to her unborn. Hence the consumption of this medicine should be done only after consulting with the doctor. The medicine should not be taken after consuming alcohol as the effects of the combination is not known.

  • What are the common dosages of Valtrex?

    The most common dosages of Valtrex is 500mg and the doctors prescribe it later on as per the requirement of the patient. He might prescribe a double or half dosage depending upon the severity of the disease.

  • Where and how to buy Valtrex?

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