What is Zovirax?

Zovirax is an anti viral medication that is used for the treatment of the diseases that are caused by the herpes virus. Herpes is a very serious virus that is next in its severity only after influenza and flu. This virus affects the immune system of the body and is contagious by nature.

  • How does Zovirax work ?

    Zovirax treats the herpes virus which is transmitted from any contact with an infected area of the skin at the time of reactivations of the virus. The medicine works by slowing the growth of the herpes virus and lessening its chances of multiplying in the system. It does not cure the virus completely it however lessens the severity of the disease. Herpes viruses often lead to diseases such as cold sores, shingles and chicken pox.

  • What are its side effects ?

    Like many other anti-biotic, Zovirax is not without side effects. However, proper intake of the medicine as per doctor�s instructions might reduce the chances of the side effects from taking place. An over does of this medicine might lead to difficulty in breathing, swelling of face, lips and tongue, bleeding and bruising, weakness, pain in lower back, less urination or not at all.

  • What other drugs affect the consumption of Zovirax ?

    Some one who is using the drug probenecid by any chance will not be able to take this medicine. Zovirax can be used only if doctor is consulted and some adjustments are made regarding the medial dosage. There are various other drugs that might affect Zovirax. Doctors should be consulted if a person has been taking medications including herbal products, vitamins, minerals and drugs prescribed by other doctors.

  • How should Zovirax be taken ?

    The medicine must be taken exactly the way it is mentioned in the label and should never be taken in large amounts. Also, treatment using this medicine should as soon as the first symptoms of the disease are seen. These symptoms include tingling, burning and blisters. If it so happens that a dose is missed and it is time for another almost, then it should be missed and the next one at the regular time should be taken. However, extra medicine to make up the missed dose should never be taken.